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  • “These glasses have been a very pleasant surprise. I use them whenever I go walking and it seems my head automatically goes up, improving my posture. Also, at the same time, this new awareness has lead me to push my shoulders back, giving me a sense of my younger days.” Russ P.
  • “You have a great idea.  I didn’t get a chance to go for a walk with them yet, except around town for errands.  I have worn them while driving.  I do think they provide a constant reminder to keep your chin up.  I find that when I walk, I am generally looking at my feet. So this will be a good incentive to prevent that from happening.  I find if I can keep my head up my whole body action changes…back straightens, more pull through the thigh area and a general more ‘alert’ position for walking.” Joyce H.
  • “I’m a 65 year young, tennis player, and was given a trial pair of (OPPICS Reminders) glasses. Wearing them for several days, I discovered that I routinely dropped my head many times an hour! The glasses immediately let me know when I was drooping and encouraged me to keep my head up. Had I not had the glasses, I never would have known I was doing this. I can see that regular use of these glasses will improve my posture and encourage me to keep my head in a more upright position which can only be good for me in the long run. I recommend their use.”     Stan R.
  • “I think that it is doing the job, mainly that one must hold one’s head erect/up to avoid a partly clouded vision.” Bill W.
  • “The flip-up (OPPICS Reminders Flips) sunglasses when used, make one aware of the constancy of looking down. Even when one is not wearing the glasses, one is reminded to look up!” Carol A.
  • “Head up, shoulders back! The glasses are a great reminder to keep your head up which aids as a posture incentive.” Julie B.
  • “They work. I have a pair of (OPPICS Reminders) sunglasses…reminder to look up.” Gerry A.
  • “Great idea for an aging population!” Joe G.