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  • Q: How do you actually use OPPICS Reminders eyewear?
  • A: Put your OPPICS Reminders glasses on and look straight ahead at the horizon. You should see a slight shadow at the top of your view. Now tilt your head down and continue to look at the horizon. The “Magic Strip” should now appear blocking your view. This is the gentle reminder you receive when your head tilts when walking, running, watching TV or driving. Heed the reminder and the result will be better posture and better health.
  • Q: When walking, I tend to look down by tilting my head forward. What can I do about that?
  • A: You must look down if you don’t want to trip! The secret to good posture is to keep you eyes focused straight ahead on the horizon, and rotate just your eyes to check the ground. That way, your head stays in its proper upright position at all times.
  • Q: Where did the idea for OPPICS Reminders come from?
  • A: Our founder, Ry Smith, was gently reminded by his wife that his posture was changing, and not for the better! Ry put on his thinking cap and after extensive experimentation, came up with the answer. OPPICS Reminders eyewear was Ry’s solution. Patents are pending on his design idea.
  • Q: Who is OPPICS?
  • A: OPPICS is a Silicon Valley startup that is focused on health related eyewear. 
  • Q: How does OPPICS Reminders compare to a body brace?
  • A: A body brace is designed to align the body, but not the neck and head. It also takes time to put on, is bulky and is sometimes visible through clothing. Some braces also cost considerably more than OPPICS eyeglasses.
  • Q: How do you assure that the etched area is always in the right place?
  • A: Each pair of eyeglasses has their own unique tooling which assures the “Magic Strip” is precision located for maximum effectiveness.
  • Q: Do OPPICS Reminders eyeglasses work for people using contact lenses?
  • A: Yes. All models should work perfectly.
  • Q: Is there a way to adjust OPPICS Reminders glasses?
  • A: Yes, all OPPICS Reminders glasses can be slightly adjusted but it is not normally necessary. We have designed the “Magic Strip” to be in the optimum location for each pair of eyeglass. Note that the location is different for each pair of glasses, depending on lens size. Our Aviator style glasses can be adjusted by pinching or spreading the nose pieces. We provide nose pads for our plastic framed glasses that will slightly raise the Magic Strip. Contact us to obtain these free nose pads or for any other questions.